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Spirit Airlines Flight Tickets Reservation: Let Your Spirit Fly High

Travel is fun, inspiring, and exciting. It rejuvenates one’s senses and transforms one’s mindset. Studies show that an immersive and challenging trip pushes travelers beyond their comfort zones and rewires their brains. It enhances their perspectives and can make them better people.

Spirit Airlines makes air travel a fun-filled, comfortable experience for all travelers. Right from effortless booking of Spirit Airlines flight tickets to letting people get the best onboarding experience and in-flight amenities, we help make the trip a seamless and delightful experience.

Book Spirit Flight Tickets with Spirit Airlines Official Website

A major globally acclaimed ultra-low-cost air carrier founded in 1983 with its headquarters in Miramar, Florida, Spirit Airlines helps travelers visit their dream destinations without any financial concerns. It is the seventh-largest commercial airline in North America and 30th largest globally in terms of fleet size.

We provide an immersive and unforgettable air travel experience to travelers. Our fleet of family-friendly 173 aircraft comprises Airbus A319, Airbus A320, and A321 neo aircraft that provide comfortable air travel to all. We have many experienced crew members committed to providing impeccable customer services to travelers worldwide. They can easily book Spirit Airlines Tickets at the lowest cost. Operating a fuel-efficient, young fleet of aircraft that require less expenses on repair and maintenance, Spirit passes its savings to passengers offering them to book flight seats at incredibly low airfares. It has maintained its USP of being one of the largest low-cost airlines growing fastest in the aviation industry. Our aircraft connects 103 destinations in 40 states, including North America, South America, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Whether looking for spirit airlines tickets booking to visit Chicago, Houston, or New York City for business travel or Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Mexico, or Costa Rica for a splendid leisure tour, you should book your tickets from Spirit Airlines official site. It will provide you with the best flight shopping and flight management experience.

Get Maximum Savings on Flight Booking with Spirit Airlines

Your knowledge of Spirit Airlines baggage policy, cancellation and refund rules, and comparing ticket costs on various days around your travel schedule will help you save a fair amount of money. Every dollar saved on your flight tickets is an added advantage that can help you spend more on accommodations, dining options, or making your tour more fun-filled. Hence, knowing more about our policies, terms and conditions makes sense to get satisfactory flight booking services.

Our experienced customer support team will ensure that you get freedom from any difficulty in Spirit Airlines flight booking or managing your flight. You will get complete satisfaction from our excellent crew services and that too at a low cost, without any trouble.

Spirit Airlines Flight Destinations: Check the Route Map

Spirit Airlines operates over 500 flights daily, flying to over 52 domestic and 33 international destinations. From its hubs in Fort Lauderdale, Chicago O’ Hare International airport, Detroit, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas, its aircraft fly directly to Aruba, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. Explore the unique culture of El Salvador or Mexico with an unforgettable trip to these countries flying with Spirit Airlines.

Score Spirit airlines reservations and tickets to Las Vegas from Chicago, Orlando from Atlantic City, or Detroit at a pocket-friendly price from our site. Explore the mesmerizing beaches and landscapes of Fort Lauderdale or Mexico’s fascinating culture and mouth watering cuisines. Check out what makes the sin city Las Vegas the world’s entertainment capital. Enjoy an unforgettable family vacation in Orlando- the theme park capital of the world, viewing a myriad of tourist attractions in Walt Disney World. Find a good deal on your flight tickets to your favorite destination from us.

Some of the most popular cities or destinations that Spirit Airlines fly to are Bogota, Lima, Panama City, Aruba, Medellin, Santo Domingo, Cartagena, Cali, Montego Bay, and Guatemala City. When planning a leisure tour to any of these cities, you must connect us online, check our route map and ticket cost on our official site to book a one-way or round trip or multi-city trip as per your travel needs and preferences.

Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Spirit Airlines offers frequent travelers a loyalty program known as Free Spirit. It facilitates its loyal clients to earn points based on airfares and extras and redeem them to book award flights for free. Travelers can earn points on purchasing tickets for Spirit Airlines and extras like seat selection and baggage. Besides, they can even avail of a Free Spirit Credit Card or enroll in the fee-based program- Spirit Saver$ Club. Points can also be earned on shopping with Choice Hotels, select restaurants, car rental agencies, and cruise lines only through a Free Spirit Credit Card or by joining a fee-based Spirit Savers$ Club.

Join Spirit Airlines Free Spirit Elite Club to Earn More Points

Flyers looking forward to booking award flights based on points can join the Free Spirit club and check out its three membership levels and benefits. Travelers can avail of the benefits of free basic membership or collect enough points to get to the two higher levels- Free Spirit Silver or Free Spirit Gold.

Free Basic Membership

You are enrolled in the Free Basic Membership program once you sign up for this. All basic members earn six points per dollar spent on airfare purchase of Spirit Airlines and 12 points on purchasing additional services like seat assignments and baggage.

Free Spirit Silver Level membership

Every dollar you spend on flight purchase and buying auxiliary services like Big Front Seat or additional baggage will let you earn 1 Status Qualifying Point (SQP). You need 2000 SQPs to achieve an elite Free Spirit Silver Level membership, for which you can consider spending $2000 on flight booking or $20,000 on an eligible Free Spirit Credit Card or the Free Spirit Travel More Mastercard in one year. Travelers with Free Spirit Silver Status are entitled to unique benefits like earning 8 points on each dollar spent on airfares or 16 points on purchasing extras like seat assignment and baggage. Besides, other advantages include early boarding, complimentary seat selection at check-in, and free same-day standby.

Free Spirit Gold Level Membership

Want to get to the Free Spirit Gold Level membership? You need to get 5000 SQPs in a year, for which you must spend $5000 on buying flight tickets or spend $50,000 from the Free Spirit Travel More Mastercard. Travelers with Gold membership earn 10 points on each dollar spent on fares and 20 points per dollar spent on the ancillary fees. Besides enjoying the benefits of Silver status, they get a free checked bag and a carry-on bag, free in-flight drink and snacks, complimentary flight flex, and the right to choose an exit row seat at booking.

All Free Spirit Silver Members and Gold Members or Free Spirit Credit Cardholders can exercise point pulling that combines Free Spirit Points of 8 friends or family members to redeem these pooled points and book tickets. Besides these, if you are not a Free Spirit Credit Cardholder, you will require earning or redeeming these points within 12 months, lest these points will expire.

Travelers can book a reward flight with just 2500 points alone or book with as little as 1000 points with the Points and Cash option.

Spirit Airlines Saver$ Club

Spirit Airlines Saver$ club is the new name of the $9 Fare Club. It is a revamped paid membership option for all travelers that allows them to get considerable savings when booking flights for group tours or making last-minute flight reservations. With this membership, you get exclusive benefits like special flight deals available to the club members only. Besides, travelers can get discounts on seat selection, luggage, and other options.

Fee for Spirit Saver$ Club

Flyers looking forward to joining the Spirit Saver$ Club need to sign up for the club membership and pay only $59.95 for a year. The Spirit Saver$ membership comes in three different options,
  • Annual membership for only $69.95,
  • 18-months for $99.90 (save $5),
  • 24-months for $129.90 (save $10)
Spirit Airlines renew the membership automatically every year at a fee of $69.95 unless the flyer decides to cancel. Travelers get the reminder one month before the membership renewal about the charging. Besides, they get comprehensive information about the saving benefits of a Spirit Saver$ member. So, frequent flyers on low-cost airlines will do well to become Spirit Saver$ members to get lucrative flight deals along with various amenities on the flight, thereby enabling them to get the best value for money.

Spirit Airline Booking Options

Spirit Airlines is a renowned airline worldwide, especially for offering the lowest airfares to no matter what your destination is anywhere across the globe. It is the US’ seventh largest airline, and it has made sure to maintain its superior standard in each flight. Even the Spirit customer care team has been there for every passenger 24×7 to offer assistance for all kinds of issues or concerns. So, if you are want to book a flight with Spirit Airlines, you have multiple hassle-free ways to do that, such as-

Book your Flight over Spirit Airlines Official Website

The very first way is to book directly over Spirit airline official site. The flight booking steps are as follows:

  • – Go to spirit.com. Over the flight search engine, put in your travel requirement details (origin, arrival destination, date of travel, passengers, etc), choose the type of trip you wish (one-way, round trip, or a multi-city spirit flight), and hit search.
  • – Now out of the available flight options, choose your most suitable one.
  • – Fill in your details, complete the payment, and done. You have booked your Spirit Airline Ticket online. The flight details will be shared to you over your registered email address.

Get in Touch with Spirit Airline Customer Care for Online Booking

The next method is to connect with the support team at the Spirit airline customer care number- 855-728-3555, and get assistance in booking your flight online.

Contact an Expert Online Travel Agency

One of the proven ways to score the best Spirit Airline flight deal is by booking it with an OTA. They have a special tie-up with the airlines, which gives them the liberty to offer you cheap flight tickets to your desired destination.

  • – You can visit their website, or ring up on their dedicated Spirit Airlines flight booking number, and get instant flight bookings. They are available all day and night, so you can call them late at night or even early in the morning to make your bookings.
  • – The best is that when you choose on-call flight booking, you can grab some special deals and save big on your travel expenses.

Book Directly at the Airport

You can make Spirit flight booking at the airport as well, but it is not the best option, as you might have to pay extra, and you won’t even get the seating that you wish for. It takes more time and energy, plus you do not get any special discounts or rewards.

Spirit Airline In-Flight Amenities and Services

Spirit Airlines gives ultra-low-cost flight tickets to its customers, you may not get onboard flight entertainment and free WiFi facilities. However, you can expect comfortable seats and quality flight service with low-priced tickets. This makes this airline worthy to book for the next journey. In addition, you may get a wide range of delicious snacks and plenty of beverage options while flying to fulfill your cravings. Ordering for Food, drinks, etc, is a payable facility, if you want you can order and pay. You can enjoy these and many other Spirit in-flight amenities without any extra charges, if you are a member of Spirit Saver$ Club (earlier known as $9 Fare Club).

Spirit Airlines believes in offering the travellers the most affordable flight options without any compromise on comfort and services in the flight. It helps minimize travel expenses to a great extent without hitting your wallet hard. You can reach your destination without spending a lot and that too without any hassle-free. So, what are you waiting for then? Make Spirit Airlines flight booking and make your journey a memorable one!
Big Front Seat
Spirit Airlines’ official website also sells a Big Front Seat, which has more legroom, a 36-inch pitch, and a 20-inch width. These seats can be purchased for a charge during or after making a Spirit Airlines reservation, depending on accessibility.
Snacks and Meals
With Spirit, you may get a wide range of snacks and meals which you can purchase with your credit/debit card. You will be offered cakes, snacks, chips, nuts, and other light confectionaries that you may find delicious.
WiFi Network
All Spirit aircraft include a high-quality WiFi network stream, allowing passengers to experience and enjoy smooth internet connectivity even while flying high in the sky. It is, however, a chargeable service that you must purchase through the Spirit reservations department.
Alcoholic Beverages
You can buy from a wide list of beverages with or without alcoholic content from the inflight menu of Spirit Airlines. You are offered a beer, wine, liquors, coffee, tea, or just a normal glass of water to let your taste buds experience the spirit of Spirit Airlines. Book a Spirit flight for your travel and get amazing affordable deals and vacation offers.
Special Food Items
Spirit Airlines offers a versatile food menu for all passengers. You can choose from a good list of delicious food items that will leave your tongue watered for sure. However, Spirit Airlines does not provide any special dietary meals.
To ensure your well-being, please alert the crew members and gate agents that you have an allergy, and you will be adjusted in a peanut-free buffer zone which consists of the row you’ll be seated in, the row in front of you, the row behind you and the corresponding rows on either side of the aisle of your seat as well.

Spirit Airlines Flights Seating Classes

Spirit Airlines takes pride in its ability to provide “unbundled” fares, as it does not offer standard premium economy, business, or first class seatings. In a nutshell, this means that as a base fare, we would offer you the lowest available rate. Instead it offers two ticket booking types: Standard Fare and Spirit Saver$ Club. After that, Spirit allows clients to add what it refers to as “La Smarte” choices.

Spirit’s Standard ticket includes the most basic seat as well as one personal carry-on item. There are no snacks, no seat recline, no Wi-Fi, and or any other exclusive services. Most of the other airlines include all of these “frills” in their base fares, even if you don’t want them, which makes even the basic fare expensive. Spirit Airlines gives you the authority to choose and pay for only what you need. This way we maintain lower fares for your Spirit flight ticket.

Spirit Saver$ Club ticket (previously known as the $9 Fare Club) includes good seats and other in-flight facilities & benefits. It provides consumers the exclusive access to some of the lowest flight fares, as well as lower baggage fees, seats, Flight Flex, Shortcut Security, and Shortcut Boarding. Members of the Spirit Saver$ Club, it claims, have access to exclusive discounted deals too.

At check-in, Spirit will allocate you a free seat at random, but we cannot promise that you will be seated alongside your friends or family. You can buy a seat assignment and select the exact seat you want. The cost of a seat assignment starts at $5 and varies depending on the route and seat position on the plane. With a little more you can reserve the Big Front Seat, that is like the Spirit Airline First Class and they cost almost 50% off the price of a regular first class flight fare. They are located in the first rows of our aircraft. The seat has huge legroom and the quality of the chair is superb. There are multiple seats that are categorised under different names, and they have unique features as well.

The types of Spirit Airline Seats in the plane are as follows:

  • Big Front Seats
  • Deluxe Leather
  • Non-Window
  • Galleys
  • Exit Seat
  • Lavatory
  • Seats for PWD (People with Disabilities)

Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club

Spirit Airlines offers two types of airline reservations- standard and a $9 fare club flight ticket. The $9 fare club is now known as ‘Spirit Saver$ Club’, it offers exclusive services to its members, but not necessarily fare services. As a result, we offer lower ticket prices no matter what Spirit Airline ticket type you choose. Spirit Airline standard fare tickets do not include any services, in order to offer the most inexpensive and affordable airfare deals to our travelers. It is the perfect airline to travel with especially when traveling on a budget. It also claims that Spirit Saver$ Club members are privy to special deals only available to members.

If you are a member of the Spirit Airlines Club, you can take advantage of the $9 fare club, and its excellent additional services in-flight. The fare club’s name does not imply that the ticket can be purchased for $9. Even so, you and your family of eight are eligible for the lowest fares, best discounts, special deals, and unique offers, as well as stress-free spirit airlines reservations. In addition to that you can score discounted baggage fees, seats, Flight Flex, Shortcut Security, and Shortcut Boarding. It offers huge savings on group travel and last-minute Spirit flight reservations too. If you are not already a member you can easily become one (fee applicable), and reserve seats from the Spirit Airlines Reservations portal in no time and enjoy exclusive rewards too.

** The cost of the program is $69.95 for 12 months, $99.90 for 18 months, or $129.90 for 24 months. The club’s discounts are also applicable for up to 8 persons on your itinerary if reserved under the same booking confirmation number.

Spirit Airline Manage Bookings

Spirit Airlines, a leading ULCC, renowned for its outstanding travel products & services on flight at the most affordable flight fares. They offer the most easy and flexible flight booking experience with the ‘manage my flight’ feature. You can change your seat, check your live flight status and schedule, upgrade your travel class, or make a special request using this tool.
To make the Simply go to the website, access my bookings, and then select “spirit airline manage booking. “You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, without paying anything more.

If you don’t want to go to the website, you can call the Spirit Airlines toll free number-
How do I talk to a live person at Spirit Airlines?
Speak to a live person at Spirit Airlines by Dialing Spirit Phone Number 1 857-728-3555 or +1-888-678-0392
, also known as the official helpline number, to speak with a member of our professional team of Spirit Airlines experts. This toll-free number can be reached from anywhere on the planet. So, if you have any queries or concerns, call the Spirit Airlines reservation number right away and you’ll be on your way!

The following are some of the services that customers can take advantage of:

  • Modify/ Change flight details
  • Increase the number of passengers.
  • The passenger’s name has been changed (with supporting documentation)
  • A booking can be edited, changed, or cancelled.
  • Any instructions for physically challenged people, pregnant women, those who use wheelchairs, and so forth.
  • Flight rerouting
  • Upgrade to a cabin in business class.
  • Check-in
  • Allowance for additional luggage
  • Add a special supper or extra services to your package.

You can contact Spirit reservations at 1-855-SAVE-555 if you have any questions about managing your booking with Spirit.com (1-855-728-3555). You can also send a text message to 48763, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How to use Spirit Airlines Manage Booking?
Customers may easily manage their reservations on spirit.com from the convenience of their own homes. They have the ability to choose seats, cancel flights, check in online, and so much more. To utilize the Spirit Manage Booking service, simply follow these steps.

  • Visit Spirit Airlines’ main website, www.spirit.com, or download the Spirit mobile app.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name and flight confirmation code in the ‘My Trips’ area.
  • Go to the Manage Bookings page and log in.
  • Select “Edit” from the drop-down menu and proceed as necessary.
  • Find the desired flight that you wish to alter and fill in the necessary details.
  • Click OK after you’ve double-checked that the information is right. If necessary, make a payment.
To know more about Spirit Airlines Manage Booking, you can contact the Spirit flight reservation desk, and they will help you with everything in detail.

Spirit Airlines Check-In

Spirit Airline offers various methods to check-in for your flights, and all of them hassle-free and quick. The methods are- Web Check-In, Mobile Check-In, Kiosk Check-In, On-Call Check-In, and Airport Check-In. You can check in with either option as per your preference, and get your boarding pass issued in no time. Make sure to check-in before 24 hours of flight departure time.

The multiple ways of Spirit Airline Check-In and the process are mentioned below:

Online Check-In
The very first method is the Spirit airline web check-in. Any traveller who has made an online reservation can opt for this check-in method. It saves time and energy, as you do not have to wait in long queues and you can relax in the lounge. You can check-in between 24 hours to 1 hour prior to your flight take-off. While doing the check-in, you can choose the seat of your choice, or even buy extra luggage.
You do your online check-in by directly visiting the Spirit Airline website, or via the OTA with which you have made your reservation, at their exclusive Spirit Airline support team. You can then download the soft copy of the Boarding pass. You can even chat with the Spirit Airlines team for the same.
On-Call Check-In
The next best Spirit airline check-in method is the on-call check in because they are superfast and on point service. You can call on the Spirit Airlines Customer Support Number- 855-728-3555, or the online travel website’s dedicated Spirit Airline number, and get instant check-in assistance. All you need to do is, call on any of the numbers, tell them your flight details, and get your spirit check-in complete in a few minutes.

Mobile App Check-In
Spirit Airlines mobile check-in is another web check-in option via a dedicated Spirit Mobile App. Open the app, log in by your registered email ID, go to my booking, choose the ticket, and choose check-in. Then follow the process, and your check-in is complete. You can then download your boarding pass PDF and go ahead to your designated entry gate for further process.

Kiosk Check-In
Spirit Airline offers you a Kiosk Check-In option too. You can check in for your flight using self-service touchscreen kiosks (available at some airports) from 3 hours to 45 minutes before departure for domestic flights and 60 minutes before departure for international and U.S. Virgin Islands flights.

A Spirit Airlines kiosk can be used to:

  • – Check in for your flight
  • – Print your boarding pass (costs USD 2/pass)
  • – Check your schedule
  • – Pack your luggage and extras
  • – Choose a seat
  • – Upgrade your seat

You can check your bags at the Bag Drop station after checking in and receiving your boarding pass.

Airport Check-In
If you are traveling with a pet, infant, or need special assistance in flight, then Airport check-in is the best way to check-in for your flight. This service is available to all passengers no matter what method of booking you choose. All you need to do is visit the Airport, go to the passport information counter, show them your ticket details, and get your boarding pass right there in physical form. It takes no more than 10 mins. Also, when you choose this method, you are charged $10 as printing charges.

The check-in timings depend on the airport or your travel destination, but it is necessary to reach the airport at least 2-3 hours before your flight.

Spirit Airlines Mobile Application

Spirit Airlines offers one of the best mobile applications with a clean and stable user interface along with a ton of features. With our lightweight app, you can easily make mobile reservations, manage your bookings, check real-time light status, see Corona Virus related updates, sign up for Free Spirit Club, and much more.

You can find the Spirit Airlines Mobile Application on both the major mobile platforms, i.e., Android and iOS. Just go to the search bar in your app store and type Spirit Airlines. You can download the application from there.
The Spirit Airlines Android Application has a rating of 4.7 stars and is rated by more than 70,000 users on Google Play Store.
The Spirit Airlines iOS Application has a rating of 4.8 stars and is rated by more than 450000 users on Apple App Store.

How to Make a Reservation with Mobile App

Booking a flight ticket with Spirit Airlines Mobile App is easy and simple. Just download our app for your respective platform and open it. Now follow the below mentioned steps to make your reservation with us.
  • You will find the ‘Book’ option at the bottom of your main page. Tap on it.
  • Choose the trip as One-Way or a Round Trip.
  • Enter the details of your From (Origin) and To (Departure)
  • Choose your journey dates from the Calendar. In case of a round trip, choose your return journey date as well.
  • Set the number of Passengers or Travellers, including Adults (Age 15 and above) and Children (Age 14 and below at the time of boarding). In the case of children, you also have to enter the date of birth.
  • Select your fare type as Dollars or Points and tap the Search button.
  • Now choose the flight that is perfect for you (Fare and Time) and make your reservation.
You can also request special assistance during your journey. You can do this at the time of reservation.

Special Accommodations

  • For Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • For Blind or Visually Impaired
  • Language Barrier
  • Trained Service Animal
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators
Mobility Services
  • Wheelchair Assistance to and from the Gate
  • Needs Aisle Wheelchair Onboard
  • Wheelchair Assistance on Stairs
  • Personal Wheelchair Selection
Some other services include Voluntary Provision of Emergency Services in which a qualified professional such as a law enforcement officer or a medical officer volunteers their assistance in case of an in-flight emergency.

Some Additional Features of Spirit Airlines Mobile Application

Mobile Check-in
Using our Spirit Airlines mobile app, you can check-in for your Spirit Airlines flights quickly and conveniently. Just tap the My Trip option and input your ‘Last Name’ and ‘Confirmation Code.’ Additionally, you also get reminders when it’s time to do your check-in, so you’ll be ready to fly the next day without having to stand in long airport queues.

Boarding Pass
After your check-in process is complete, you can download and access your e-boarding pass using the Spirit Airlines Mobile app. This pass can be used to board your flight without showing any paper print boarding pass.

Manage your Trips
Manage all your trips in one place using our powerful mobile application. Just select your upcoming trips on the app’s homepage and use a variety of services such as:

  • Manage and Choose your seat as per your liking
  • Upgrade your seats later for more comfort
  • Buy additional service
  • Pre-check-in your additional baggage before reaching the airport and avail great discounts
  • Modify your itinerary
  • Cancel your reservation

Check Your Flight Status
You can check the real-time status of your upcoming flight with the Spirit Airlines Mobile App by following the below method:

  • Select your date of departure
  • Enter the ‘To’ and ‘From’ of your journey
  • You can even search the status using the flight number.

Access My Account
Go to the My Account option, which can be accessed using our mobile application. Some of its features are:
Access all your account details using the My Account Option in the bottom left corner of your Spirit Airlines Mobile Application. Some of its features include:

  • You can sign up or log into your existing Free Spirit account and start earning Spirit points. You can use these points to book your flight ticket or by additional services.
  • Check for your tier status, membership details, and Free Spirit points directly from the app.
  • Create and customize your avatar from the profile section.
  • Access Frequently Asked Questions
  • Use the Call Us and Email Us options for quick and easy support from Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

We have one of the most transparent and easy to understand baggage policies in the airline industry. Due to our highly aggressive fares, we charge you for your checked and carry-on bags.

For Carry-On Baggage

  • For all personal items such as purses, handbags, small backpacks, laptop backpacks, etc., there is a maximum size limit of 18 x 14 x 8 inches or 45 x 35 x 20 cm. This dimension includes the wheels and handles. You can keep any one of the above personal items with you in the cabin, and we will not charge you anything extra for this.
  • If you have an item that you cannot keep as checked luggage, you can carry an additional piece of carry-on luggage with you in the cabin. The maximum permitted size is 22 x 18 x 10 inches or 56 x 46 x 25 cm. These dimensions include the wheels and handle of your luggage. Please be aware that you will be charged extra for the service.

For Checked Baggage

  • If your luggage is too big or too heavy to be kept in the bag, you can check your baggage. If you don’t know what linear weight is, it’s the sum of your bag’s length, width, and height. The maximum permissible linear dimension is 62 inches or 158 cm. Also, your bag’s weight should not exceed 40 pounds or 18.1 kilograms. If it exceeds the limit, you will be charged as per the overweight and oversized policies.
  • The maximum allowed limit for overweight and oversized bags is 100 pounds or 45 kilograms and 80 linear inches or 203 cm, respectively. Anything above the limit will not be allowed to take on a passenger aircraft.
Spirit Airlines always encourages you to get the best and the most affordable value for your price. This is why we always advise our customers to keep their bags lighter so you can save more money. We also understand that sometimes the situation is unavoidable and you have to carry extra baggage. In that case, you should pre-book your bags online during the check-in process. This will help you avoid the long airport queues and save a lot of money. Just go to the Manage Trips option on the Spirit Airlines website or check our mobile application.

Baggage Charges
Here are the latest additional baggage charges you need to pay if you carry extra luggage with you.

  • For baggage that weighs more than 18 to 23 kilograms or 41 to 50 pounds, you will be charged an additional amount of $50 per bag.
  • For baggage weighing more than 23 to 32 kilograms or 51 to 70 pounds, you will be charged an additional $75 per bag.
  • For baggage weighing more than 32 to 45 kilograms or 71 to 100 pounds, you will be charged an additional $75 per bag.
  • If the linear size (length + width + height) is between 158 to 203 centimeters or 63 to 80 inches, you will be charged an additional amount of $100 per bag.
  • If the linear size (length + width + height) is more than 203 centimeters or 80 inches, you will be charged an additional amount of $150 per bag.

Please note that the additional baggage prices may vary from time to time. For a recent chart on pricing, you should visit Spirit Airlines’ official website.

Prohibited or Restricted Items on Spirit Airlines
While traveling on a flight, you should know what items are restricted and what is not. We have shared a list of a few strictly prohibited things on Spirit Airlines. These are:

  • Alcohol
  • Antlers
  • Archery Equipment
  • Artistic Items
  • Balls/Balloons
  • Baseball Equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Bowling Equipment
  • Boxes and Plastic Containers
  • Camping Gear
  • Ceramics/Chinaware/Glass
  • Chainsaws
  • Dry Ice
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Firearms
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Golf Equipment
  • Hockey Equipment
  • HoverBoards and Electric Skate-boards
  • Household Articles
  • Ice
  • Incubators
  • Javelin or Vaulting Pole Equipment
  • Kayak, Boat, Canoes
  • Lacrosse Equipment

Spirit Airline Cancellation Policy

Change of plan? Don’t worry; we understand your concern. Spirit Airlines offers a clean, simple, and easy-to-understand cancellation policy. We give your multiple options by which you can easily cancel or make changes to your itinerary.

Below are some important points you should know if you are looking for our Spirit Airlines Cancelation related queries.

  • For any cancellation or changes you make to your itinerary at least 60 days before your scheduled departure, you will not be charged.
  • You can make any changes or cancel your booking up to 1 hour before your scheduled departure time.
  • You can get a full refund for any changes or cancellations made to your reservation if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of your booking time.
  • You can even make a cancellation after 24 hours of your flight booking, but you will be charged a cancellation fee. The remaining amount will be transferred to a credit shell or a travel fund which you can use for future bookings with Spirit Airlines and buying of services.
  • You can make changes or reschedule your flight using the manage my booking option on the official spirit airlines website. If the cost of the new flight is more than your current one, you have to pay the extra amount, including the taxes. If your new fare is less than the original flight fare, you will receive the remaining difference as a travel credit.

How Can I Cancel my Spirit Airlines Flight Ticket
There are numerous ways by which you can cancel your Spirit Airline flight reservation. Some of these are:

On the Spirit Airline Official Website

  • To cancel your flight booking online, go to the Spirit Airlines official website,
  • On the website, click on the My Trip option.
  • Now enter the passenger’s last name and your confirmation code which you received from us via email.
  • Click on the Check-In to open your itinerary. Now complete your cancelation process and confirm it.

Using the Spirit Airlines Mobile Application
You can use our mobile app to cancel your booking by going to the My Trips section on our app. Here you can complete the cancelation process.

Spirit Airlines Live Chat
You can use the Chat option on the official Spirit Airlines website.

You can Call, send an SMS or simply send a WhatsApp Message
You can get in touch with Spirit Airlines Customer Care Number 855-728-3555 by calling us or sending a WhatsApp message. You can also send an SMS on 48763 to complete your check-in.

At the Airport
Just visit us at your nearest airport, and our Guest Service Advisor will assist you with your Cancelation.

Cancelation Charges

  • For cancellation from 0 to 2 days before departure, you have to pay a charge of $99.
  • For cancellation from 3 to 6 days before departure, you have to pay a fee of $79.
  • For cancellation from 7 to 59 days before departure, you have to pay a charge of $49.

You can also visit the Spirit Airlines official website for the latest policies and terms and conditions.

Spirit Airline Refund Policy

Spirit Airlines offers one of the cheapest and the most affordable airfares in the market. These low-cost flying create certain limitations on us, making it difficult and challenging to provide a refund for our valuable customers. But, as a customer-centric company, Spirit Airline is dedicated to delivering the best service for our customers with our tempting offers on your flight bookings. As you already know, we have one of the most straightforward cancellation policies in the industry, and so is our refund policy.

To get a full refund for your flight ticket booking with Spirit Airlines, you have to cancel your ticket within 24 hours of making your booking with us. Please note to get a complete refund; there should be a gap of seven days or more between the time of cancellation and the time of departure. In clear words, you have to cancel your ticket at least seven days before your departure.

For all cancellations made after 24 hours of the booking time, you cannot receive a refund to the original payment source. You will receive a credit shell or travel fund refund, which can be used later with Spirit Airlines services. Read our complete guide on how you can use your travel points on our official Spirit Airlines website.

You will get a full refund for your Spirit Airlines flight ticket if you cancel your flight booking 60 days before your departure. No additional charges will be imposed on you for your cancellation.

No refund is possible if you have made your booking for a non-refundable flight ticket. But Spirit Airlines can still make exceptions with certain terms and conditions. In case of the death of the traveling passenger, you can contact the Spirit Airline customer care number or visit the nearest Spirit Airlines Guest Relationship Center. You may have to submit a copy of the death certificate to get a reimbursement.

You can also ask for a refund in case of COVID situations. You can check our latest terms and conditions of COVID-19 refunds on the Spirit Airlines official website.

If you want to get the benefit of a refund in all circumstances, you should opt for our appealing travel insurance at the time of booking. Meanwhile, you can always change or cancel your Spirit Airlines flight booking up to 1 hour before your scheduled flight departure. ​​The changes include modification of your origin, destination, flight, class of service, or your stopover city.

Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages

Looking for a perfect beach-sided vacation in Florida to rejuvenate your senses and say goodbye to stress and boredom? Or want to enjoy a fun-filled trip to the Caribbean with your kids, away from the din and bustle of the crowded cities? You need to check out the vacation packages Spirit Airlines offers that help travelers meet their travel needs and let them explore the wonders of their dream destinations. Get excellent deals on flights and hotel booking for family vacation packages and enjoy a super-exciting journey.

Satiate Your Wanderlust with Budget-Friendly Packages

Whether looking for a budget-friendly family vacation to Tampa in Florida or Cancun in Mexico, a few things will be more beneficial than booking a Spirit Airlines family vacation package to your preferred destination at a heavily discounted cost. For effortless booking of vacation packages, you must first assess your travel needs and preferences, check out and compare the total cost of the package and its suitability with your budget, the features of the vacation package, and book it when convinced of its suitability. Want to know more about our vacation packages? You can contact our expert Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages booking agent at any time.

How to Book Your Preferred Vacation Package

Why do travelers love our vacation packages? It is because we offer them the maximum affordability, flexibility, and excellent customer support services to them. Why waste hours looking for other airlines for your trip to Orlando or Las Vegas when Spirit Airlines has special flight deals and discounted vacation packages for travelers like you? Booking vacation packages with Spirit Airlines is a great way to explore your dream destination without any fuss and get the most memorable travel experience.

With the vacation packages developed by experienced travel agents, booking a package takes care of all your travel needs, from booking flight tickets at discounted airfares to booking accommodations in budget hotels and getting cost-effective car rental or shuttle services.

Follow These Steps To Book Your Vacation Package:

  • Go to Spirit Airlines official site or click on spirit.com in your device web browser
  • Find out and click on the ‘Vacations’ option.
  • Select and tick the checkbox such as Flight & Hotel, flight & Car, Flight & Hotel, and Car.
  • Enter the details of your departure and arrival airports, the journey date, and the number of passengers in your group that would be traveling with you.
  • You can add the number of rooms you want to book.
  • If you need to book a car rental company, enter the preferred age of the driver.
  • Submit all these details and check out the available vacation package option suited to your requirement and budget.

Spirit Airline Top Route Vacation Packages

It helps to dive deep into the details and know some popular vacation packages Spirit Airlines offers. Check out some featured destinations or explore the vacation package available for your preferred destinations from Spirit.com. Choose a vacation package as per your specific requirements and preferences.

Each traveler is different, with a specific set of interests and preferences. If you desire a memorable vacation tour with your loved ones, choosing the Spirit Vacation package can be the best bet. Our vacation packages are curated by expert travel agents offering a low airfare guarantee, flexible payment options, customized tour packages with no hidden charges, and excellent customer support.

Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages: Featured Destinations

When looking for affordable vacation packages to Florida, Los Angeles, Mexico, Tampa, or Fort Lauderdale, Spirit vacation Package is a perfect choice. Whether you are an adventure or culture enthusiast, independent travelers looking for a rejuvenating trip or a honeymoon, you can book your vacation package with Spirit Airlines now and get a blasting experience.
Here is a list of some must-visit destinations that you can select while booking an upcoming trip
Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages to Fort Lauderdale
Also known as the Venice of America, Fort Lauderdale is the eighth-largest city in Florida, known for its extensive waterfront, beaches, exciting night out, and cultural events. Book your flight to Fort Lauderdale with Spirit Airlines, soak up the culture, or enjoy a pleasant vacation at the beach-sided hotel or resort. Enjoy water taxi rides on the canals to Hollywood and various destinations.
Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages to Cancun
Looking to explore the incredible cultural history of Mexico or satiate your adrenaline rush with scuba diving and snorkeling? Head to Cancun, known for its gold soft sand beaches, serene natural life, stunning weather, and world-class hotels providing a variety of Mexican and continental dishes. Whether you are a beach bum or a couple looking for romantic destinations, Cancun will give you an array of choices and the perfect vacation experience you will cherish for a lifetime. Enjoy spending quality time with your loved ones in Cancun. Book Spirit Airlines Vacations to Cancun and get an amazing deal on the same.
Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages to Tampa
World-famous for its amusement parks, museums, and beautiful beaches spread to hundreds of miles, Tampa attracts all kinds of tourists from far and wide. Enjoy the Tampa Bay water bikes, snorkeling at Egmont Key, or visiting Adventure Island Amusement park or an exciting nightlife to enjoy the vacation to the utmost. Spirit Airlines vacation package to Tampa will facilitate you to spend money on memories.
Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages to Denver
Named as the Mile High City due to its elevation being one mile (5280 feet) above sea level, Denver is a perfect destination for sightseeing, entertainment, museums, and various art galleries. Visit History Colorado Center, Cherry Creek Shopping center, Union Station, and Denver Breweries for an exciting beer trail. Explore some fascinating tourist attractions in Denver with Denver CityPASS.
Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages to Los Angeles
Make headway to the entertainment capital of the world- Los Angeles that will provide you a glimpse of True American culture and spirit. Enjoy a perfect vacation on the beaches like Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Manhattan Beach, or make headway to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for an incredible experience. Check out other salient features of Spirit’s Vacation Packages to Los Angeles and enjoy the most memorable vacation at your dream destination.
Book Spirit Vacation Packages to West Palm Beach
Located along the Atlantic Ocean’s coast in Florida, West Palm Beach is a must-visit for people planning for an ideal family tour to a gateway of endless entertainment. Shop till you drop at the Rosemary Square, or visit Northwood Village for art galleries and world-famous cuisines. Rejuvenate your senses and say goodbye to boredom by participating in Sunfest or Palm Beach International Boat Show. Tick off your favorite dream destinations in West Palm Beach from your travel bucket list now by booking Spirit flight tickets and vacation packages now.

How Do I Speak to a Spirit Representative?

Talking to a Spirit Airlines representative is very easy and hassle-free. You can directly talk to a live person over a call at the Spirit Phone Number- 1 857-728-3555 or +1-888-678-0392. They have a complete team of experts available for your assistance, so no matter what your query is you can get instant solutions to all of them. Spirit Airlines also offers live chat and other options for contacting a live person.

Spirit Airlines is a well-known airline in the travel industry that is known for providing exceptional service to its customers. You may take advantage of the top services in this airline, as well as the amenities and services available before, during, and after your travel. This airline’s crew will go out of their way to ensure that your trip is one to remember.

How Do I Book a Flight On Spirit Airlines

There are multiple ways to make a Spirit Airline flight booking, and the process is just effortless. The methods include-

Spirit Booking Online over the Spirit Airline Official Website:
Go to Spirit.com, search for flights as per your travel plans, and confirm to book your journey. Please double-check all details of the reservation before completing the payment, so there are no further discrepancies.

On-Call Flight Booking with Spirit Airlines:
Connect with Spirit Airline representative at the Spirit Airline phone number +1-888-678-0392. Tell them all your travel requirements and your budget, and then they will find the best Spirit flight deal for you in no time.

Book Discounted Plane Tickets via an OTA:
Booking a Spirit flight with an online travel agency is the best way to score some great deals and save money while traveling. You can visit their website or connect with them at their dedicated Spirit airline reservation number, and get your bookings done instantly. There you can book cheap hotels and rent cars at affordable prices, to make your travel even more fun & relaxing.

Social Media:
You can connect with the airline over the different social media profiles over Instagram, facebook etc, and get your reservations done instantly at the best prices.

How Do I Change My Spirit Flight Without Fee?

Spirit is one of the major ultra-low-cost Airlines. It offers great deals on flight, and even the flight modification process is super easy. If you want to change your booked flight ticket with Spirit Airline for some reason at the last-minute. To avoid paying a fee to change Spirit flight details:

  • You must make a change to your flight ticket within the first 24 hours of booking it.
  • Spirit Airlines may allow you to change your flight if you are stranded due to an unforeseen circumstance.
  • Jury service is called for a variety of reasons, including a death in the family. In that scenario, you must send a copy of the obituary or summons to the airline in order to avoid paying a change fee.
  • When you change to a different Spirit airline flight due to a change in the departure or arrival time of Spirit airline, then you do not have to pay a change charge.
  • You should use a credit card that provides trip change insurance.

How Do I Change My Name On a Spirit Airlines Ticket?

To Change a detail or modify some information of a Spirit Airline Ticket is very easy and can be done for free. A free name change is available for reservations with minor misspellings or legal name changes. You can even call us at 1-855-728-3555 if you need help with the name change procedure.
Types of name changes that can be done:

  • Misspelling- You may be qualified for a free name change if you need a minor correction to a misspelt name.
  • Change of Legal Name – Changing one’s legal name necessitates the submission of supporting papers.

You may need supporting for proof, such as:

  • Marriage License
  • Court Order
  • Divorce Decree
  • Legal Name Change Document

**Changes to any other passenger information, such as your date of birth, contact information, gender, passport information, or redress number can also be done by getting in touch with the Spirit Airline support.

How Much Does It Cost To Change A Spirit Flight

Due to Covid19, Spirit Airlines is waiving all change and cancellation costs for trips (terms & conditions apply). If you decide to cancel your flight, you will be given a full refund that you can use toward future travel. It is possible to make changes up to an hour before departure.

Otherwise, For online flight modifications or cancellations, Spirit Airlines costs $90 (with an additional $10 if done at the airport). The airline charges a $99 cost if you want to reschedule your travel time using same-day standby. You can modify your flight for free if you purchase Flight Flex, which is comparable to Allegiant’s Trip Flex and Frontier’s THE WORKS. Visit Spirit Airlines website for the most up-to-date information.

How Do I Check-In My Spirit Flight Booking To Get Boarding Pass

There are multiple ways to check-in your spirit flight and get a boarding pass without any hassle. The methods of Spirit flight check-in includes-

  • Online Check-In & Mobile Check-In- Checking in online at Spirit.com is free, and it’s the quickest method to get your boarding pass. It can be done by visiting the official Spirit site or over the Spirit Mobile app. Web Check-in opens 24 hours prior to travel and closes an hour before departure.
  • It’s also the best time to get the seat of your choice or last-minute luggage at the best prices.
  • On-Call Check-In- You can directly contact the Spirit airline customer service to get on-call assistance for Spirit flight check-in. You can also connect with an OTA that helped you book your ticket at their exclusive Spirit Airline assistance number for on the spot help.
  • Airport Check-In- You can directly go to the ticket counter at the airport and get your check-in complete in no time, and get your boarding pass on the spot. You are charged an extra fee for the same.
  • Kiosk Check-In- A Kiosk is a self service setup at the airport. You can do your check-in, download & print your boarding pass in a matter of minutes.

How Do I Cancel My Spirit Flight Ticket Without paying Any Charge

A flight booking can be a costly affair, but not when you have booked it with Spirit Airlines as the spirit airline flight cancellation is very flexible & understanding. Here are ways to cancel your Spirit flight ticket without paying any charges-

  • 1. Do it within 24 hours
  • 2. Do it 60 days ahead of time
  • 3. Buy a flexible fare or opt for the add-on
  • 4. Change for a flight on the same day if you can

Is there a reimbursement for cancelled flights with Spirit ?

Yes there are reimbursements for canceled Spirit flights. If you have made spontaneous cancellation within 24 hours of the bookings. In addition to that, Spirit Airlines allows you to make changes and cancel your flight even after booking it without any extra charges due to the Covid19 effect.

How do I stay updated with Spirit Airlines flights information and status?

Staying updated with Spirit Airlines flights information is super easy and quick, in fact you can check all about your flight via the ‘manage my booking’ feature. You can check live flight status, schedule changes, flight details, in-flight amenities and much more.
Visit the Spirit website, login to your account, go to my trip/my bookings, and under that you’ll see the ‘manage my flight’ option. Under that choose the flight that you want to cancel, select ‘cancel my flight’, and proceed. The cancellation will be done instantly and the refund will be done accordingly.

How do I print the boarding pass for my Spirit Airlines flights?

Spirit Airlines features self-service kiosks at the airport where you can buy tickets and print boarding passes in seconds. It’s vital to remember that check-in or ticket purchases should be completed at least one hour prior to departure. Customer service professionals are available at the airport if you require assistance.

How much does Spirit Airlines charge for the baggage?

Spirit Airlines baggage fee depends on the type of flight booking you make, and the size of your luggage. Your ticket includes one personal item that fits in the smaller sizer box (such as a small backpack). A personal item or something larger, such as a normal carry-on or checked luggage, will require payment.

The fee is usually $37 if purchased online during the ticket booking process. If the allowance is purchased during online check-in, however, the charge rises to $45 as standard, rising to $55 at the airport or $65 at the gate. Spirit Airline does not offer any free check-in baggage and the charges lie around $20-$100.

PRO TIP: If you know you’ll need a carry-on or checked bag, purchase it at the same time you book your ticket to save money.

What is the Spirit Airlines baggage policy?

Spirit Airline has the most easy to understand baggage policies, below are the details of the same to help you on your Spirit Flight-

Carry-On Baggage: The fee is usually $37 if purchased online during the ticket booking process. If the allowance is purchased during online check-in, however, the charge rises to $45 as standard, rising to $55 at the airport or $65 at the gate.
The dimensions of carry-on luggage shall not exceed 56 x 46 x 25cm.

Checked-In Baggage: You can check your luggage if it is too large or heavy to fit inside the bag. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, linear weight refers to the total of your bag’s length, width, and height. The largest linear dimension that can be used is 62 inches (158 cm). In addition, the weight of your bag should not exceed 40 pounds (18.1 kilos). You will be charged according to the overweight and oversized policies if it exceeds the limit. Overweight and large luggage are limited at 100 pounds (45 kilos) and 80 linear inches (203 cm), respectively. Anything that exceeds the limit will not be allowed to board a passenger plane.

How can I check-in online for my Spirit reservation?

You can do online check-in for your Spirit reservation in two ways-
1. Web Check-In Over the Spirit Official Website
– To check in for your flight, go to your airline’s website as soon as 24 hours before your first trip departs. Go to my bookings, select spirit airlines manage booking, now choose the ticket and go ahead with flight check-in. To check in, use the confirmation number from your online account. You’ll also be able to see your seats and confirm your seating preferences, if the airlines allow it.

2. Check-In Over the Mobile App
Download the Spirit Airline Mobile App, login to your account and cancel the desired ticket in no time.

Can I apply for the Spirit's onboard assistance?

Yes you can take Spirit’s onboard assistance without any hassle. If you’ve already booked your flight, you can request assistance using our website’s My Trips area or by calling our Contact Center at 855-728-3555. Please advise Spirit staff when you arrive at the airport and at your departure gate that an aisle wheelchair will be required to assist with boarding.

How can I change my name on a Free Spirit account?

The process to change your name on a free Spirit account is similar to changing the name of your flight ticket. To process the name change, you must include the supporting legal documentation for your name change such as a copy of a marriage license, court order, divorce decree, or legal name change document.

How can I get in touch with the Spirit support team at the airport?

You can get in touch with the Spirit support team at the airport over the flight reservation desk, or at the Spirit Kiosk counter at the airport. If you do not find the desired help, you can then contact Spirit airline customer care, and they can guide you to solve your problem or the way to get to a Spirit representative in person at the airport.

How can I contact customer care to cancel Spirit Airlines reservations?

You can contact customer care to cancel your Spirit reservation at-

  • 1. Spirit Airline Support number- 855-728-3555
  • 2. Spirit Airline Social Media
  • 3. Online Travel Agency’s Dedicated Spirit Service Number
  • 4. Spirit Customer Care at Airport

How can I save more on Spirit Airlines flight booking?

To save the most on a Spirit airlines flight booking, it is best to book with an online travel agency, or on-call, as you can score the best & unpublished deals on call. The OTAs have a special connection with the airlines which allows them to offer cheaper airfares than that available on the official website.

From where and how can I cancel my Spirit flight e-ticket?

You can cancel your Spirit flight e-ticket over the Spirit airline official website, or over the mobile app. You can also cancel your e-ticket over a call at the Spirit Airline flight support number or with the help of the OTA that you used for making the booking.

Step-by-Step process to cancel a Spirit flight E-Ticket:

  • 1. www.spirit.com is the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • 2. Select ‘My Trips’ from the drop-down menu.
  • 3. Fill up your personal details, including your name and confirmation code (found in your confirmation email)
  • 4. Select ‘Continue’ from the drop-down menu.
  • 5. To cancel your trip, follow the on-screen instructions.

How to check-in for Spirit flight using airport kiosks?

The Spirit Airline airport kiosks are self-serve and simple to use. At the kiosk, you can get your reservation. It’s simple: just enter your confirmation code, name, or boarding pass number (paper or mobile). Grab your bag tags and follow the onscreen instructions. They’ll print themselves.
Customer Service Agents are also available; however, you may have to wait longer at our check-in desks, and each boarding ticket will cost $10 to print.

How to make online check-in baggage for Spirit Airlines?

If you are attempting to access your reservation less than 24 hours before departure, go to the Online Check-in tab and follow the instructions. You can then purchase more bags by clicking the “Add Bags” option. Remember to buy your luggage ahead of time to save money!

How to make online check-in baggage for Spirit Airlines?

Open the Spirit Airlines official website and click on Check-in Tab to check in your baggage online. Enter the passenger’s last name and your confirmation code as the ticket received by you in your email. Once done, click on the check-in button, enter your personal information, and choose your seat. Click on the ‘Add Bags’ option to add additional baggage. Online or web check-in is only available 24 hours before the departure time.
You can also add your bags at the airport by contacting our Spirit Airlines Reservations Center, but this method will cost you more.

Does Spirit Airlines offer counter check-in to passengers?

Spirit Airlines offers various ways to check in for passengers. These are online or web check-in, mobile app check-in, SMS check-in, phone check-in, and airport check-in. Passengers can easily do their self-check-in using our Kiosk at all major airports. If you want a Spirit Airlines Guest Representative to do the check-in for you, he or she will complete the process and provide you with a boarding pass. Please note that this service is chargeable at $10 per boarding pass.