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FlySpiritt makes this disclaimer related to the use of its website information, products, or services. We don’t guarantee 100% accuracy of all the information, description of travel products and services, or pricing listed on our website. Hence, we shall not be liable for any error or inaccuracies in any information or description of airlines, hotels, cars, cruises, and other travel products displayed on our Website or any loss or damage due to the use of our website’s travel products or services. We have the exclusive right to change, delete, add any information, correct any pricing errors, and make new updates on our Website.

All the visitors and users of our website are advised to use our website at their sole risk. They must verify the credentials of airlines, hotels, and car rental service providers and the cost before finalizing any deal. When the pricing has been modified, we will do our best to notify you and make your reservation at the latest price or cancel the reservation without any penalty.

The users of this site should take the information about airlines, hotel ratings, and other travel services on our website for information or reference purposes only. We don’t offer any sort of warranty on the same. We disclaim that our website, server, or email would be free from viruses or malicious components. In no case will we be held liable for providing compensation due to delay, cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure, or other causes beyond our direct control. We bear no responsibility for flyers’ additional expenses caused due to any cancellation, rerouting, or any authority.

Our Website may contain links to third parties and advertisements that will redirect our clients to these sites. As the sites of such third parties are not under our control, and we have not investigated the accuracy of the information given there, we don’t claim the factual accuracy of the information or descriptions on the site. We do not represent any warranty or endorsement to the content of the linked site, advertised products or services, or business model of the third party. These links are there only for clients’ convenience. Our clients must use their discretion and independent searches before dealing with them.

We are not obliged to make periodic revisions or updates to the materials. Clients should not assume that the information or materials presented herein are up-to-date and complete.
No communication through message or mail from this Web Site will be deemed to constitute legal notice to or from us or our representatives.

Hotel ratings are presented as general guidelines, and FlySpiritt or Official Spirit Airlines Website does not guarantee the accuracy of the ratings. We disclaim any guarantee of the availability of specific products and services. Clients or other stakeholders are requested to verify or check the features themselves and visit our website frequently to get the latest update on our products and services. We are committed to serving all our clients in the best possible way.