What Should I Do If Spirit Airlines Loses My Checked Baggage?

One of the biggest issues one might face while having a flight journey is delayed or lost baggage. Getting your bags lost was a bigger problem in the past day due to poor management and lack of a proper baggage policy of airlines but things have certainly improved. Nowadays, it’s extremely rare that you lose your bag due to the airline’s fault. Even if somehow, your airline loses your checked bag, you can follow certain procedures to get it back. If you are traveling with Spirit Airlines, you can keep a carry-on bag with a max dimension of 18 x 14 x 8 inches. The carry-on or checked baggage on Spirit Airlines is not free or included with your ticket. The only free Spirit Airlines Baggage allowance available on Spirit Airlines is a personal item. This can include a handbag, a laptop bag, a backpack, a camera bag, or a document bag. In this blog, we will discuss what you should do if Spirit Airlines misplaces or lose your luggage. 

Delayed or lost baggage is a rarity these days. If in case you lose your baggage, you should immediately report the same to the Spirit Airlines counter or the airport office available nearest to you. You can also get help from a Spirit Airlines advisor available at the airport. After you have informed the officials, you have to go to the baggage claim area or the conveyer as announced by the cabin crew members. 

If you are traveling to a domestic destination, you must report the incident and receive a File ID for the same within 4 hours. For international travelers, you have to report your lost baggage and receive the File ID within 21 days of reaching your destination. 

While your baggage is delayed, you can buy some of the essential items with your money and later submit the bill to your nearest Spirit Airlines Baggage office to receive a refund for the same. Please note that a refund will only be issued after you have received your bag and for essential items such as clothes, toiletries, etc. If you do not receive your lost bag within five days, you can submit a claim request for the lost item that the airline has to pay. Please keep in mind that Spirit Airlines will not provide a refund for your electronic gadgets, perfumes, cologne, and other cosmetic items that were kept in your checked baggage. You should always keep these items in your personal bag or a carry-on bag.
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