Unlock Affordable Travel with Spirit Frequent Flyer Program

Escape the monotony without breaking the bank! Spirit Airlines’ revamped Free Spirit Program is your ticket to budget-friendly travel. As the leading low-cost carrier in the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean, Spirit Airlines ensures you enjoy perks without the hefty price tag.

Benefits of Spirit Frequent Flyer Program:

  1. Earn Faster:
    • Earn up to 12 points per dollar spent, with Gold Members enjoying 20x points.
    • Redeem points for award flights, making travel budget-friendly.
  2. 12-month Expiration:
    • No rush; points stay valid for 12 months with any earning or redeeming activity.
  3. Easy Redemption:
    • Redeem points starting at 2,500 for quick award flight bookings.
    • Combine 1,000 points with cash for more flexibility.

How to Join the Free Spirit Program:

Follow these steps to join effortlessly:

  1. Visit the official Spirit Airlines site and click “Free Spirit.”
  2. Tap “Sign Up Today For Free” and fill in your details.
  3. Provide required information and agree to terms.
  4. Click “Sign up Now” to complete the process.

Now, earn and redeem points for wallet-friendly travel with Spirit Airlines.

How to Earn Spirit Airlines Points:

Earn points through various avenues:

  1. Fly and Earn:
    • Get 6-10x points on every dollar spent on Spirit flights.
    • Gold members earn even more.
  2. Free Spirit Credit Card:
    • Use the Free Spirit Credit Card for points on everyday purchases.
  3. A La Smarte Earning:
    • Earn points by purchasing La Smarte options, with Gold members enjoying more.
  4. Earn with Partners:
    • Make purchases with select partners and earn points.

Levels of the Spirit Frequent Flyer Program:

  1. Free Spirit Silver:
    • 2,000 SQPs for dedicated benefits.
    • Enjoy shortcut boarding, waiver on fees, and more.
  2. Free Spirit Gold:
    • Reach 5,000 SQPs for added perks.
    • Free baggage, drinks, priority boarding, and more.

How to Redeem Spirit Points:

  1. With Spirit Airlines Flights:
    • Redeem points for award flights, with dynamic pricing.
  2. With Partner Products:
    • Use points on partner products like hotels, rental cars, and more.
  3. Points + Cash:
    • Combine points with cash for flight tickets.

Key Takeaway: Spirit’s Free Spirit Program offers value-based redemption rates, making every dollar count. Join now for hassle-free, budget-friendly flight bookings.


  1. Do Spirit Points expire?
    • Yes, after 12 months without account activity.
  2. Can I book a vacation package with Free Spirit Points?
    • No, points can only be used for flights or partner products.
  3. Who can apply for a Free Spirit Credit Card?
    • U.S. and Puerto Rico residents with a valid SSN or tax ID.
  4. Can I buy Free Spirit points?
    • Yes, purchase points on the official website for 2.5 cents each.

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