Traveling with a Pet on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines has become the most preferred airline of choice for the common people of the United States. The ultra low cost fares of the carrier lure a majority of people living in our society. Having a pet as a companion is very common for an average American. But there is one thing that concerns most of us where to keep your dog or cat when you go for a holiday. Leaving your pet at home or with your careless neighbor can never be the perfect solution. Not every airline allows pets on board. Luckily, Spirit Airlines allows its passengers to bring a furry friend with them while they are on their flight. Some certain rules and regulations must be followed if you are planning to travel with your pets. In this blog, we will discuss about Spirit Airlines Pet Policy. We will also check the easiest methods by which you can travel with your pet on Spirit Airlines without breaking a sweat. 

With Spirit Airlines, you can keep your pet and travel to any domestic or international destination. Please note that some destinations may not all traveling with your pet. Please read the local pet regulations before you make a booking for your pet. According to Spirit Airlines Pet Policy, you can bring any domestic breed dog or cat on board as long as they can fit inside the container. You can also carry small birds and rabbits that are domestic pets with you to all destinations except Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands. Any animal that is being carried for commercial purposes or farm-based birds including all flightless birds will not be allowed on Spirit Airlines.

For carrying your pets, you need to have certain legit documents such as a vaccine certification, identification and ownership details of your pet, and health or fitness certificate. Your pet should not be unattended and you must have a reservation with Spirit Airlines. You cannot bring an exotic animal or an endangered species on the plane.

When you bring your pet on board, it should be kept in a special container designed to keep your pets in it. These containers are easily available in the market or on e-commerce websites and should be well ventilated for the pets to breathe. The combined weight of your pet and the container should not surpass the limit of 4 lbs or 18 kg. Your pet must be eight months or older to travel on board and should not show rough or violent behavior. For more information on Spirit Airlines pet policy, please check the Spirit Airlines official website or call our customer care number at +1-888-678-0392.

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