Top 5 Things to Do in New Orleans

Do you know New Orleans got its name from a Frenchman, Bienville, who founded it in 1718 and named it after Phillipe II, the then Duke of Orleans, the French city? With 19 million visitors in 2019, New Orleans is a city in Louisiana known for Jazz and Creole culture, Southern hospitality, Cajun food, and the Mardi Gras Festival. It is also known as the Crescent City, The Big Easy, the City that Care Forgot, and recently NOLA- an acronym for New Orleans + Louisiana.

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Table of Contents

#1. Visit French Quarter and enjoy partying in Bourbon Street

Start your New Orleans tour by visiting the French Quarter first, which gives you a glimpse of the city’s rich cultural heritage. Be it the beautiful buildings in Vieux Carre—the oldest neighborhood or historic attractions or getting a spectacular view of the Mississippi River, French Quarter is a place like no other.

#2. Stroll to the Garden District

Tourists looking for respite from the crowded streets and noise in the market will love a walking tour of the Garden District. This area features beautiful houses, well-preserved architecture, and gardens that will let you enjoy your time in a peaceful ambiance. If you get tired, you can make a stopover at the most popular Commander’s Palace restaurant that will let you enjoy some delectable food or sumptuous cuisines. You can access this place via carriage, Magazine Street bus, or St. Charles Avenue Streetcar.

#3. Tour to National World War II museum

The National World War II museum is located on Magazine Street in the Warehouse District and opens from 9 am to 5 pm. It consists of an impressive collection of artifacts, educational films, and oral recantation of people and soldiers during World War II. The museum is a brainchild of Stephen Ambrose—a best-selling author. You should set at least 3 hours to view all the artifacts, testimonials displayed, and texts. The entry fee for an adult is $27, while for students and children aged 5-12 years, it is $17.50.
#4. Take a tour to Audubon Nature Institute
Families visiting New Orleans must make it a point to visit Audubon Nature Institute, which houses a zoo, an insectarium, a butterfly garden, an Entergy Giant Screen Theater, and a golf course. It is a perfect place for a great family outing, and you can save a considerable amount by purchasing a combo ticket for the zoo, theater, and aquarium.
#5. Mardi Gras World
Visiting New Orleans to witness America’s most renowned festival, Mardi Gras, celebrated on 01 March, will take you into another world of fun and entertainment. Even If you miss this festival, you can get to Mardi Gras World, a warehouse workshop where you will get close to how floats, custom props, and other essential items are built.

So, plan a tour to New Orleans with the help of our experienced travel agents and get the best experience.

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