Top 5 Things to Do in Miami Florida

Miami is one of the most loved tourist destinations in Southeastern Florida. Being a tourism hub and ranking second after New York in popularity, it had welcomed 24.2 million visitors in 2019 with 16.3 million overnight visitors. Traveling downtown Miami to enjoy a perfect beach-sided vacation can give you an exhilarating experience. The best time to visit Miami is between March and May when the temperature is not above 70- 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are a first-time traveler to Miami, you should plan your tour well and include some must-visit tourist destinations. Give yourself at least three days to visit all major attractions and book your flights to Miami Spirit to enjoy affordable and convenient air travel. Packing smartly and booking your flight on Spirit Airline availing lucrative flight deals is the best way to save big and enjoy your staycation in Miami to your heart’s content.

Here is a checklist of some super-exciting things to do that will satiate your wanderlust and make your Miami tour an unforgettable saga.

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Must-visit Tour Attractions in Miami

Apart from soaking up the sun and enjoying unlimited fun at the most popular Miami Beach, you can view the colorful buildings in the Art Deco District as background to the iconic beach. Besides these, you should include strolling in the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens that features a villa made in Italian-Renaissance style containing expensive European furniture and decorative artworks of the 15th to 19th century. Flying from Los Angeles, Atlanta, or your city airport to Spirit Airlines MIA will let you enjoy your air travel without any financial concern. You can enjoy a host of other activities that will add incredible fun and joy to your Miami tour experience.

#1. Take a 30-minute airboat ride to Everglades National Park

View alligators, snakes, and birds on the marshy land of Everglades National Park, sprawling to 1.5 million acres reaching to the venue from your hotel on an airboat.

#2. Get a taste of Cuban Culture in Little Havana

Want to explore Cuban culture? Head to Calle Ocho, enjoy Cuban cuisines in restaurants, interact with local people, listen to Latin music, and participate in Calle Ocho festival celebrations in March.
#3. Visit Miami Zoo and Miami Science Museum
You must visit the Miami zoo that houses over 2000 animals, letting you enjoy a safari as animals are mostly in an open-air exhibit. Take your kids to the Children’s Zoo and let them enjoy a camel ride.
Likewise, the mesmerizing hands-on displays and interactive exhibits in the Miami Science Museum will expand your horizons of knowledge and give you incredible fun.
#4. Cherish the pleasant vibe shopping at the Bayside Marketplace
What better way to enjoy shopping in Miami than the Boutique stores in the charming Bayside Marketplace that provide a lively atmosphere and fun vibe.
#5. Enjoy an NBA game or a live musical performance at American Airlines Arena
American Airlines arena is a leading energy-efficient building that opened in 1999 that features a large auditorium with a seating capacity of 19000 people. You can witness a live musical or sporting event at this place.

Explore, appreciate and enjoy various cultures and natural beauty of this city in Florida. In addition to these, many other ways will add fun to your Miami trip. Avail of our experienced travel agent’s help to book Spirit flights and set for your Miami trip.


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