Top 4 Must-Have Gadgets and Accessories If You are Traveling with Spirit Airlines

There used to be a time when all you needed during a flight journey was a good novel or a book that you could read during the whole trip. Things have changed and now we can’t imagine our lives without our electronic devices. Air travel is incomplete without our set of gadgets and that’s why we have created a short list of electronic gadgets that you must have while you are traveling on a Spirit Airlines flight.

A Smartphone or an iPod

A smartphone is no longer a device used only for phone calls. Now you can access your email, play music, and video, watch movies, play games, and do everything you can do on a laptop. Just download some of your favorite titles from Netflix or Amazon Prime and enjoy the show while you get bored on your flight. You can also use an iPod to listen to some of your favorite playlists. Please keep in mind that as of now, Spirit Airlines does not offer Wi-Fi services on its planes. So keep in mind to download all your stuff before you board in.

Power Bank or a Portable Charger

One of the worst things I hate about Spirit Airlines is that it does not have any USB powered sockets or power outlets. While you are handling your electronic gadgets, you must keep a portable charger or a power bank so you can charge your devices when they are discharged or requires power. Before buying a power bank, make sure that they are TSA compliant and that you can carry them on board without any issue. For more information on what you can carry and what not, please check the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy page on our website.

A Gadget Bag or Organiser

With all these gadgets and wires, it can become quite messy to organize them. You can take the help of a gadget organizer bag that can hold all your electronic gadgets, power banks, cables, chargers, pen drives, etc. all in one place. These are easily available on Amazon and other marketplaces and can give big-time stress relief. Before you buy these bags, check the product description carefully. Your gadget bags should easily be able to fit in your backpack so that you don’t incur additional baggage charges.

A Wired or Wireless Headphone

Music is your best friend that can help you deal with bring long-haul flights and continuous engine noise. Sitting idle on a five-hour plane without music is like the worst torture you can have. To save yourself from this suffering, do not forget to pack in your headphone along with you on board. If you are a frequent traveler, you must have a pair of noise-canceling headphones that will block the continuous humming of the engine noise. For more portability, you can also keep in-ear headphones that are much more affordable as well as comfortable for a longer period.

We hope you like our picks of the top four gadgets. For more information, you can visit Spirit Airlines official site.

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