Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions Related to Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines has been in the news for a while mainly due to business deals and merger talks with Frontier Airlines and JetBlue Airlines. With the increased popularity, more and more people are getting curious about the carrier. In this blog, we will answer the top ten questions asked by internet users related to Spirit Airlines. We will also give you a trick by which you can book the cheapest flight tickets on Spirit Airlines.

  1. How does Spirit Airlines offer cheap flight tickets?

Spirit Airlines has a simple and easy-to-understand business model. The airline is also called an ultra low cost carrier as it offers Spirit flight tickets for as low as $20. All they do is provide you with a ticket with only the base services. This includes only the basic services that you will need on your trip. For any additional services, you have to pay extra and this is how they maintain a low cost.

  1. Do I get a free baggage allowance on Spirit Airlines flights?

Yes, Spirit Airlines offers you a free baggage allowance in which you can keep a personal item with you. You can keep this item with you on board and must be kept under the seats.

  1. Can I choose a seat for free on Spirit Airlines?

You can choose your favorite seat on Spirit Airlines but this is a paid service. You can do this at the time of reservation, or during your check-in. If you do not choose your seat, the airline will randomly assign you one and will not charge you any money for it.

  1. How Can I make a Spirit Airlines Reservation?

You can book flight tickets using the Spirit Airlines Official Website or you can call the Spirit Airlines Customer Care Number to make your booking.

  1. Can I do the Spirit Airlines check in on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can use the Spirit Airlines mobile app to do your check-in. This is also considered one of the best ways to check in as you can use the e-Boarding Pass to board your flight.

  1. What is the Big Front Seat on Spirit Airlines?

These are the upgraded seats on Spirit Airlines that are more comfortable than the standard ones. The Big Front Seats on Spirit Airlines have a wider area with more pitch and leg space.

  1. Are pets allowed on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, Spirit Airlines allows pets to travel with you on board. To bring your pets, you must have a reservation on the airline. Please check Spirit Airlines official site for more information.

  1. Do Spirit Airlines seats recline?

No, the seat on Spirit Airlines does not recline. 

  1. Does Spirit Airlines have a Frequent Flyer Program?

Yes, Spirit Airlines has a frequent flyer program called as Free Spirit Loyalty Program.

  1. Where Can I get the best deals on Spirit Airlines Bookings?

To get the best deals on Spirit Airlines bookings, call the toll-free Spirit Airlines Reservation number +1-888-678-0392.

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