Spirit and Frontier Airlines to Merge

The two ultra low cost carriers the Frontier and Spirit, together through a press release announced to merge recently. The merger happened with an aim to offer a wider range of services and a good competition to other airlines in the industry, like- Southwest, Delta, American, etc.

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The official comments by both Spirit & Frontier airline’s CEO:

Ted Christie, the CEO of Spirit Airlines, said ‘the idea was to create an aggressive ultra-low-fare competitor’

Barry Biffle, the CEO of Frontier airline, said “Our business model is built on low fares — that stimulates travel,” and “We’re going to give people even lower fares.”

The Frontier airlines parent company decided to buy Spirit Airlines at the $6.6 billion merger deal. The company’s partnership percentage is now as follows-
Frontier 51.5% and Spirit 48.5%. Thus Frontier airlines has the upperhand in controlling power.

Frontier and Spirit Airline have been rigorously expanding the airlines continuously for the past decade, and have recently announced to merge to become a bigger and better ultra low-cost airline, via a combined press release. This merger will make them the country’s 5th largest airline, and an ultimate destination to score discounted flight tickets online.

How to book Frontier and Spirit flights online after merger?

The booking for the merger is hassle-free just like it was when the flights were independent.
  • You can visit the official website of Frontier airline or Spirit, and follow the usual process of looking for available flights for your route, filling in your details, and then confirming your Frontier & Spirit airline merger flight by completing the payment.
  • Next option is phone reservations. All you need to do is call on the Frontier customer support number or the Spirit customer service phone number, and talk to the expert executives and make your flight reservation in less than 2 minutes.
  • The third and the easiest way to book your Frontier or Spirit flight is by getting in touch with an online travel website. There you will get the best flight deals guaranteed, and do instant flight bookings online.

How will the Frontier & Spirit merge affect the working of both airlines?

The Spirit – Frontier merger is going to affect the complete working for both the airlines in a very positive way. The destination map will become wider and the reach will increase automatically- together they will offer 1000 flights per day to more than 145 destinations domestically as well as internationally. They will now offer flights to around 19 countries.

Not only that, but it will also bring employment opportunities for 10,000 people by 2026.
Does the merger mean we will get even better deals?
Yes. As per the CEO’s of both the airline, after the merger the passengers will get even more cheap flights online, along with ultimate comfort onboard.
Will the Spirit destinations increase now?
Yes. Both airlines have been flying to a lot of destinations independently. Today when they came together, only 500 places overlapped the list, which means more than 1000 flights will be added to the destination. So, you can book a Frontier & Spirit merger flight and experience more destinations at a cheaper price.
Will there be a new logo for Spirit-Frontier airline merger?
No official news has yet been released on this topic, but it is possible that they may announce the new logo for the Spirit & Frontier Airline Flights merger soon.

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