Spirit Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Travel with Ease: Spirit Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Guide

Traveling with mobility needs? No worries! Spirit Airlines goes the extra mile to cater to passengers with special requirements. Despite being a low-budget carrier, Spirit ensures a seamless journey through its dedicated Wheelchair Assistance program, making air travel accessible for all.

Guidelines for Spirit Airlines Wheelchair Assistance:

  1. Travelers can request wheelchair assistance online, over a call, or at the airport.
  2. It’s advised to schedule wheelchair services in advance for proper arrangements.
  3. Wheelchairs or assistive devices must be checked as baggage.
  4. Passengers must arrive at least two (2) hours before domestic flights and three (3) hours before international flights.
  5. Curbside assistance requires a family member at the ticket counter or with the service provider.
  6. Spirit Airlines provides aisle and onboard wheelchair assistance for a comfortable in-flight experience.

How to Add Wheelchair Assistance to Spirit Bookings:

Via Official Website:

  1. Navigate to the Spirit Airlines official site and visit the ‘My Trips’ section.
  2. Enter your Last Name and Confirmation Code.
  3. Access your booking details and click “Add” under the Additional Info tab.
  4. Select the type of wheelchair assistance needed and submit.

Over the Phone:

  1. Call Spirit Customer Service at 855-728-3555.
  2. Inquire about wheelchair availability and submit necessary details.

Requesting Wheelchair Assistance at the Airport:

  1. Arrive early at least 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights.
  2. Head to the Spirit ticket counter and connect with a team member or service provider.
  3. Airport wheelchair assistance will be provided within 20 minutes.

Types of Wheelchair Assistance Offered:

  1. At the Airport:
    • Pre-boarding assistance for smoother processes.
    • Help with printing boarding passes, restroom visits, TSA procedures, and checked baggage.
  2. At the Gate:
    • Regular check-ins every 30 minutes.
    • Priority boarding for passengers with limited mobility.
  3. Once Onboard:
    • Flight attendants offer assistance with lavatories using onboard wheelchairs.
  4. Upon Arrival:
    • Passengers with limited mobility deplane after other guests.
    • Assistance with baggage claim and curbside service.


Q1: How Can I Add Aisle Wheelchair Assistance to my Spirit Bookings?
A: Use the My Trips section on the official site or call 855-728-3555.

Q2: Can I bring my own wheelchair onboard?
A: Yes, inform the airline in advance.

Q3: What is Spirit Airlines’ wheelchair assistance fee?
A: There is no fee for requesting wheelchair assistance; it’s a complimentary service.

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