Spirit Airlines Seat Selection: A Comprehensive Guide

Selecting your seats in advance with Spirit Airlines ensures a more pleasant and comfortable flying experience. The seat selection process is straightforward, offering various options for passengers to customize their journey. Here’s everything you need to know about the Spirit Airlines seat selection procedure.

Crucial Points about Spirit Airlines Seat Selection:

  1. If you don’t choose seats in advance, you’ll be assigned a random seat during check-in. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be seated with friends or family.
  2. Flight attendants will attempt to seat individuals with a child 13 years or younger together, if possible.
  3. Seat selection fees start at $5 and vary based on location and route.
  4. Check the seat selection fees during online booking, through My Trips, or during the check-in process.
  5. Consider opting for Big Front Seats for more comfort and space, offering 32% more legroom.

Spirit Airlines Seating Options:

  1. Big Front Seats:
    • Located at the front of the flight.
    • Deluxe leather seats, wider than standard seats.
    • 32% more legroom.
    • Small table provided.
  2. Premium Seats:
    • Extra legroom.
    • Located behind Big Front Seats.
    • Passengers get a small table.
    • Ideal for those seeking extra comfort without opting for Big Front Seats.
  3. Standard Seats:
    • Adequate legroom for a comfortable journey.
    • Available at low fares during booking or via My Trips.
  4. Exit Row Seats:
    • Extra legroom.
    • Passengers must be willing and able to operate the emergency exit if needed.
    • Additional responsibilities come with choosing these seats.

How to Choose Seats on Spirit Airlines:

  1. When Making a Booking:
    • Visit the official Spirit Airlines website.
    • Enter your details and search for available flights.
    • Choose a flight and find the “Seat Selection” option.
    • Navigate through the seat map and reserve your preferred seats.
  2. After Confirming a Flight Reservation (“My Trips”):
    • Visit the Spirit Airlines website.
    • Click on “My Trips.”
    • Log in or find your trip using your details.
    • Locate the “Spirit Airlines Seat Selection” option.
    • Pick your seat and complete the payment for a comfortable journey.

Conclusion: Selecting seats in advance with Spirit Airlines is a simple and convenient process. Whether you prefer extra legroom, deluxe leather seats, or standard seating, the airline offers various options to enhance your travel experience. Take advantage of the seat selection process to tailor your journey to your preferences and fly comfortably to your destination.


  1. Is seat selection free on Spirit Airlines?
    • Seat selection fees start at $5, and the cost varies based on location and route.
  2. What are Big Front Seats on Spirit Airlines?
    • Big Front Seats are premium seats located at the front of the flight, offering deluxe leather seats, 32% more legroom, and a small table.

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