Spirit Airlines In-flight Services: What You Need To Know

The super budget Spirit Airlines is one of the cheapest carriers in the United States with services offered in more than 85 locations. Despite being one of the most affordable carriers in the country, Spirt Airlines features some of the most appealing in-flight services one can get in a budget airline. Surely, Spirit cuts one of some important services that a passenger must have while being on a flight such as free carry-on and checked baggage, free seat selection, and in-flight options but you always buy them when required. In this blog, we will discuss all the in-flight services offered by Spirit Airlines. Also, we’ll check on how you can get these services for the least possible price.

Spirit Airlines uses a business model in which an airline offers the base fare to its Spirits Customers Service. There are many different services that may not be required by us on a daily basis but we eventually end up buying them as they are pre including in the airline fare. With Spirit Airlines, you pay only for the service you need. For example, if you need a window seat, you can buy one, or else you can just leave that portion and the airline will assign you a random seat. 

The Big Front Seat

For the part of the in-flight service, the first and the biggest benefit of using Spirit Airlines is the Big Front Seat. These are special seats available on all flights of Spirit Airlines. The standard seats on the airline may not be the best but the Big Front Seat has a width of 20 inches along with a pitch of 36 inches. They also have more spacious legroom compared to the standard seats. You can either buy these seats at the time of reservation or you can upgrade your seat using the Spirit Airlines Manage Booking option and get a flat discount of $10 compared to when you buy at the airport.

Snacks Meals and Beverages

Spirit Airlines offers a variety of options when it comes to food options. You can buy anything you like on board at an affordable price. Also, the fleet on Spirit Airlines is 100% cashless and you don’t have to carry cash or jiggling coins with you. Pay using your credit card or debit card and enjoy your journey with the best snacks along with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

In-flight Wi-Fi

As of June 2022, Spirit Airlines lacks Wi-Fi services but the airline has promised to make it available by the end of the year. Spirit is also testing the Wi-Fi services on some planes and will later expand to all of its fleets. Please note that the service will be chargeable and can be booked at the time of reservation or during your Spirit flight check-in.

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