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Are you planning a trip with your group of friends, family, school, or college? Planning for a group can be difficult when managing tickets and resources. That is why many airlines have come up with their group travel plans in which you don’t have to supervise everything and leave them all to the airline company. We checked the group policies offered by different airlines, and the one we liked was provided by Spirit Airlines. You can check the Spirit Airlines Group Travel related info on their website, giving us a clear conception of its operation and usefulness. You can take advantage of the group travel policy by having at least ten or more members in your group.

If you are making a reservation with Spirit Airlines, you need to know that they do not offer any additional discount for a group booking but what they do offer is an assurance that all the members of the group will have the same fare. Also, if the representative from the airline has quoted a price, it will be available for you until 24 hours. After twenty-four hours, the fares may change, so it is suggested to make your booking as soon as possible if the airline has already quoted the price. For Spirit flight booking in a group, you have to fill out a form that is available on their website.

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Benefits of Spirit Airlines Group Travel Program

  • Some of the benefits of choosing Spirit Airline for group travels are:
  • If any member of your group drops their travel plan, Spirit Airlines will allow you to change the name of the member up to 30 days before the scheduled departure.
  • You will get a specialized group travel professional that will be available to answer all your queries or concerns related to your trip.
  • You can have a ticketless flying experience so that you can be relieved from the thought of someone losing the ticket.
  • You also have an option to obtain confirmed seats on Spirit flights without even making the entire airfare for all groups with ten or more fellow members.
  • You can make flight reservations for more than ten people in a group.

How to Make Group Reservations with Spirit Airlines

For all booking related to group journeys, you have to visit the Spirit Airlines official site and open the group travel page. Here, go to the Group Form link and fill out the form. Here you have to choose the ‘Group Reservation’ from the four options mentioned on the page and fill in the below mentioned details::
  1. Group Name
  2. Group Type
  3. Email Address
  4. First Name
  5. Last Name
  6. Subject
  7. Description (Here you can fill in all your details and ask for queries)
  8. Phone Number
  9. Select the Number of Guests
  10. Choose for Round Trip or One Way
  11. Select your Origin City
  12. Date of Departure
  13. Choose Yes or No if your departure date is flexible and can change
  14. Preferred Departure Time
  15. Select your Destination City
  16. Choose any attachment you want to upload
  17. Write the code from the Captcha and click on the submit button.
Please note that it may take 2 to 3 working days for the Spirit flight booking team to get back to you. Once they contact you, they’ll quote you with the best plans and service along with a dedicated support agent that will help you with all your queries and questions.
If you feel that you are not getting the best bargains on group deals, you can also try individual booking with Spirit Airlines on their official website. The airlines also offer special discounts through their social media handles like Twitter and Instagram, where you can find steals up to 70%.

To make a booking, visit the Spirit site and click on Book. Now choose the origin or destination airport or city along with the preferred departure date and the number of passengers. You can add promo or discount codes which you can find on the airline’s social media pages. You can also try calling Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for instant flight bookings over a phone call.

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