Spirit Airlines Baggage Allowance, Price/Size Explained

When looking for affordable flight tickets and booking Spirit flights, you must be extra careful to assess your baggage requirements and other perks you need. Spirit is a no-frills airline; it charges on each bag, water bottle, seat selection, etc. A traveler needs to stay well-informed of the baggage allowance and charges to avoid confusion or pay extra.

So what do you need to know when packing your bags for the next Spirit flight to your dream destination? Read this blog to get enlightened about Spirit Airlines baggage policy.

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What baggage is included with Spirit?

Spirit Airlines allows a personal item for free whose size must not exceed 18 x 14 x 8 inches and should come within a smaller sizer box. If you need to carry anything larger than that, you would require paying for it. Besides, you can have carry-on bags and checked bags on Spirit flight.

What are the Spirit Airlines baggage prices for 2024?

After a free personal item, Spirit charges on each carry-on and checked bag as per its baggage policy. Based on your travel routes and the time when you purchase carry-on bags and checked bags, you will have to pay the fees you can know in advance using the baggage calculator.  If you have purchased a Spirit Saver$ club membership, you should save some dollars on your baggage fee.

Spirit Airlines Carry-on Baggage Allowance

The size of a carry-on bag in Spirit Airlines should not exceed 56 x 46 x 25 cm or 22 x 18 x 10 inches. The carry-on bag should fit into the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. Purchasing a carry-on bag of the specified size during online booking requires you to pay a standard fee of $37. If you are a Saver$ club member, you have to pay $28 for the same. If you buy your carry-on bags during online check-in, a standard fee of $45 is charged, and if you are a member of the Saver$ club, you need to pay $36 for the same. If you check in the carry-on bag at the airport, you will have to cough up $55-$71 at the gate; it will cost you $65-$76.

Checked baggage Charge in Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines allows up to 5 checked bags to be kept in the hold, with each bag not exceeding 62 inches or 158 cm in total dimension or 18.1 kg in weight. A checked bag weight should not exceed 45 kg as it will not be accepted except for musical instruments and mobility aids.

Checked bags fee depends on your route, membership status, and when and how you pay for the same. All Spirit travelers require paying the baggage fee except the Free Spirit members with a Gold Status or those who have purchased a Bundle it or Boost it combo who can carry one free checked bag of 23 kg weight.

For the first checked bag, the standard fee at the time of booking is USD 28, and for 2nd checked bag, it is USD 36, and for the 3rd-5th bag, it is USD 76 when you purchase them online at the time of booking.

If you are a Spirit Saver$ club member, you need to pay $37 for the first checked bag if you purchase it before online check-in and $ 45 for the 2nd checked bag, and $85 for the 3rd-5th bag. Spirit Saver$ club members can buy the first checked bag at the airport desk at $47, while for 2nd checked bag, they need to spend $55, and for the 3rd to 5th bag, they have to pay $95 at the airport desk.

How to Avoid Baggage Fees On Spirit Airlines?

Spirit flyers must know how to skip the baggage fee that may soon stack to double the base fare. Packing smartly and lightly and following some crucial tips will help them pay less for the baggage.

  1. Here is a checklist of crucial tips to follow to save max on your Spirit baggage fee:
  2. A solo traveler can take a free personal item on Spirit flight.
  3. Pay for checked bags during booking or at the time of online check-in.
  4. Get heavy discounts up to 50% on bags with Saver$ club membership.
  5.  Military personal can have one free carry-on and two free checked bags.
  6. Purchase Spirit Airlines World Mastercard to earn double miles and get a decent sign-up bonus.
  7. Pay for your carry-on and checked bags fee with Capital One Credit Card.
    So, what are you waiting for? Following these tips will help you get maximum bang for the buck and fly with Spirit Airlines without any financial concern or hassle.

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