How to Save Money on Spirit Airlines Baggage Fee

Spirit Airlines is an aviation company known for offering cheap flights within the United States and other parts of North America. But with these affordable fares, there are some downsides that stop many passengers from choosing Spirit as their favorite airline. One of the biggest woes that give anxiety to many people is that you do not have a free carry-on baggage allowance with your flight ticket. Spirit Airlines has a specific reason for this as the airline says it reduces the weight and makes the flight more fuel-efficient and this saves money. While you can buy an additional carry-on baggage allowance using the Spirit Airlines Manage booking option, this cost you a heck of money. In this blog, we discuss how you can save your hard earned money from spending on Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy.

Pack Light to Keep Your Pocket Tight

Though Spirit Airlines does not allow the passengers to bring a carry-on bag they allow you to keep a personal item with you on board. Spirit Airlines classifies a personal item as anything that can fit under the seat of the passenger sitting in front of you. Here you can act smart enough to bring a small backpack that can carry your daily essentials. This is extremely helpful if you are planning a trip for a day or two. Here is a list of all the items that you can bring as a personal thing on Spirit Airlines.

  1. Ladies Handbag
  2. A Purse
  3. An Amenity Kit
  4. A Laptop Bag
  5. A Camera Pouch
  6. A Small Backpack

Join the Free Spirit Club

If you are a frequent flyer and like to travel with the affordable fares of Spirit Airlines, you can opt for the Free Spirit Club which is a frequent flyer or loyalty program for Spirit Airlines customers. With this, you can get free points for every dollar you spend buying tickets from the carrier and buying any services related to it. You can even exchange the point to avail a free flight from Spirit Airlines.

Buy Additional Allowance Online

If you can’t manage to keep all your belonging in one small backpack or opt for a frequent flyer program, you can choose to buy an additional carry-on or checked baggage allowance online. Of course, you can get it at the airport but Spirit Airlines will charge you an additional $10 to $15 for purchasing the allowance at the airport. You can book your bags at the time of reservation, or at the time of Spirit Airline Check in. You can also use the manage my booking option to get an allowance at discounted rates directly from Spirit.

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