How to Earn Unlimited Free Spirit Points with Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines has recently updated its frequent flyer program from miles based system to a points-based system. Instead of miles, now you can receive Free Spirit points for every dollar you spend on buying Spirit Airlines flight tickets or any additional services from the airline during your journey. The previous loyalty program was somewhat confusing which led the company down. This also resulted in less involvement of passengers and made it a failure on the company’s part. In this blog, we will discuss about Spirit Airlines frequent flyer program and how you can redeem unlimited points to enjoy free flights from the carrier.

Here are some of the best methods used by us that help us to receive a lot of points and enjoy free rides with Spirit Airlines Flights.

More Flying, More Points

This is one of the best ways to free spirit points with Spirit Airlines. The more you fly with the airline, the more points you get, and eventually, you’ll stack up to a lot of points. More points will help you elevate your SQP (Free Spirit Status Qualifying Points). These are three main tiers in Spirit Airlines. These are Free Spirit Members, Silver Members, and Gold Members. As soon as you sign up for the membership, you’ll get to the Free Spirit Members tier. Once you have 2,000 SQPs, you’ll be upgraded to the Silver tier and after collecting 5,000 SQPs, you’ll reach the Gold Tier which is the most rewarding tier. A Gold tier member can get up to 10x points for each flight and 20x points for buying À La Smarte service from the airline.

Get the Free Spirit Credit Card

Getting a Free Spirit Travel More World Elite Mastercard will help you get more points than ever. You will get free reward points for every purchase you make with the airline. This is also available for shopping made at offline and online stores. For more information, you can call the Spirit Airlines Customer Care Number.

Using Spirit Airlines Partner Services

Spirit Airlines offers you free Spirit points for every purchase you make with a partner product, service, and store. Some of these services include car rental services, booking a cruise ship with partner companies, and making hotel reservations from a range of selected Spirit Airlines hotels and resorts. For a complete list of cabs, hotels, and cruise partners, check the Spirit Airlines Official Site.

Bonus Trick

We also have a bonus trick that lets you earn free spirit points without spending any money. Points for Thoughts is a data collection and research company that gives you free points for completing their surveys. These points can be used to redeem free points on the Spirit Airlines Official Website.

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