How to Book the Cheapest Flight on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines is a no-frills air carrier that facilitates people to travel to their dream destinations at the lowest airfare. However, with each extra, like baggage, seat selection, food and drinks, and even a water bottle being charged on Spirit, travelers need to be careful to choose and pay for only those travel perks they require. If you plan to fly with Spirit soon and are looking for ways to book the cheapest Spirit flight, you have arrived at the perfect place. Read this blog post to get handy tips on saving money when booking Spirit flights for your tour to local or international destinations.

Want to save a considerable amount in group travel Spirit Airlines Booking on Flight such that you can make your Disneyworld trip, Las Vegas, or Mexico tour more enjoyable?  Check out the following tips:

1. Booking Tickets at the Airport

Spirit Airlines charges a passenger usage fee for booking tickets online or on the phone. The fees range between $8.99-and $20.99 per passenger, and it may add to be a considerable amount for a round trip for a group of 4-5 passengers. Weigh all the factors like the number of passengers, the distance of the airport from your home or office, and your vehicle parking cost at the airport before heading to the airport.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

2. Don’t Purchase or Reserve Your Seats in Advance

If you are traveling alone, you should avoid selecting and purchasing your seat in advance, which would cost you from $5-$50. Spirit will randomly assign you a seat at the time of check-in. When flying with family or a group of friends, you can purchase seats in advance during online booking to ensure that you are seated together with your group.

3. Pay For Your Bags during Online Booking

Packing bags lightly and paying for the bags during online booking helps one cut costs and save money on baggage fees. To avoid paying extra, you should know Spirit’s baggage rules and prices and keep your baggage weight and size as per the specified limitations.

4. Join the Spirit Saver$ club

If you love to fly frequently with Spirit, you must join the Spirit Saver$ club that offers a 50% discount on baggage fees and discount on seat assignments, Shortcut boarding, and flight flex. What’s more, these benefits apply to up to eight people traveling on the same reservation. Club members need to pay $59.95 for a year package, and it would be automatically renewed at $69.95 till they cancel it. 

5. Stay Updated on the Latest Flight Deals

Keeping oneself updated on the latest flight deals on your favorite airline by subscribing to newsletters of Spirit will help keep you in good stead. It will help you grab the best flight deals and book tickets at the lowest price. Besides, you can choose to check out with a leading online travel agency like FlySpiritt that will help you secure irresistible flight deals or Spirit promo offers.

Myths about Cheapest Spirit Spirit Reservations

Many Spirit travelers believe in things that are mere assumptions or have been based on wrong premises called myths. It is crucial to bust these myths and know the right thing to get peace of mind and the best value for time and money.

Let’s check out and bust some Sprit Airlines Reservations myths that will help you fly comfortably in your favorite air carrier:

1. Spirit Airlines always has the lowest airfare or flight deals

It is impossible always to offer the lowest prices for any ultra-low-cost air carrier or even a legacy carrier. Hence, it makes sense not to assume that your favorite airline will provide you with the best discount. You must compare the flight ticket cost on other airlines to get the best value for money.

2.  You are most likely to find the best travel deals at the last minute

A few years back, some airlines offered deals on last-minute flights to lure more customers and fill the vacant seats. However, now most airlines don’t need to use the last-minute fare discounting as almost all seats are filled up routinely.

For booking a Spirit Airlines seat, you must at least secure the seat seven days in advance or two to four weeks ahead to get the best flight deal.     

3. Buy Spirit Tickets as early as possible  

Spirit Airlines releases its airfares 330 days in advance. However, it doesn’t mean that booking a local or international Spirit flight 10-11 months in advance will help you book tickets at the lowest price. Most air carriers manage their airfares 3-3.5 months before the flight departure for local flights and five months for international flights.

Hence, booking at the earliest will most likely let you pay the mid-range price. You should wait and book Spirit tickets within 3-2 months before the flight departure for a less popular route or if it is not the festival time. For more popular routes or festival times when there is a peak period, you should consider booking 3-4 months in advance for a local flight and 5-6 months in advance for an international flight.

How Do I Get The Best Deal On Spirit Airlines?

Besides the above-mentioned travel hacks, you can consider availing services of an esteemed online travel agent to score the best flight deal on Spirit Airlines. Seasoned travel agents keep themselves updated on the flight deals and offers. They will help you book the cheapest flight on your favorite airline.

Besides, you can use these tricks to book tickets at the lowest cost:

1. Check out promotional offers and deals on the website of Spirit Airlines

2. Grab the deal as and when you find it.

3. Ask for a seasoned travel agent for any unpublished deals or offers on Spirit Airlines.

4. Book with a flexible travel schedule and destination

5. Check out and compare the cost of connecting flights or a one-city stop flight.

6. Apply other tricks like smart luggage packing, paying for baggage and seats in advance, joining Saver$club, paying with a credit card, and getting the maximum bang for the buck.

Flyspiritt is committed to providing you with the best flight shopping experience on Spirit Airlines. Consult our qualified and experienced travel agents to book flights or manage your travel booking and get the most remarkable air travel experience. Feel free to resolve any travel issue and make your journey and vacation the most memorable.

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