How Can I Carry A Checked Baggage on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines offers deals that no other carrier can offer. An airline ticket on Spirit Airlines starts from just $20 and at this price, you can travel from one point in the country to the other. This is even cheaper than the other modes of transportation. For $20, you can travel on an airline and even bring a personal item to your destination. This personal item can include a small-size backpack, a hand purse, a wallet, a laptop bag, a camera bag, a duffle bag, a makeup bag, or an amenity kit that should be TSA approved. One only thing you miss with the carrier in the service department is the Spirit Airlines baggage allowance including the carry-on bag and the checked bag. In this blog, we will discuss how you can bring a checked bag with you on a Spirit Airlines flight. We will also discuss the baggage charges you need to pay for bringing them with you.

With Spirit Airlines, you do not get to carry checked baggage for free on your base price ticket. In order to bring checked luggage, you have to pay extra using various means. These methods include getting the additional allowance at the time of Spirit Airlines Reservations, Spirit Airlines Manage Booking, or at the time of Spirit Airlines check in. You can also get the excess baggage allowance at the airport by visiting the Spirit Airlines counter, but we do not recommend this method as it cost you more. It may cost you $10 – $15 more when done at the airport. 

According to Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, there are certain conditions that must be fulfilled for checked baggage. As per the allowance, the maximum permitted linear dimension of your checked bag should not be more than 62 in or 158 cm. This dimension includes the handles as well as the wheels of your bag. Also, your bag should be under the weight limit of 40 lbs or 18 kg. Anything above these limits will cost you even more charges. The maximum weight that can be allowed as checked baggage is 100 lbs and anything beyond this weight will not be allowed.

Regarding the additional baggage fee, you will have to pay $50 for bags weighing between 41 lbs to 50 lbs. For bags weighing up to 70 or 100 pounds, you will be charged $75 extra for each bag.

For Spirit Airlines Baggage Check in online, go to the Spirit Airlines official site followed by the Manage Booking option. Log in with your journey specifics such as Booking Confirmation Code and Last Name to add more bags.

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