A Step-by-Step Guide to Reschedule Your Spirit Flights Booking

One of the extensively searched topics on the internet is how you can reschedule your Spirit Airlines Reservation. In today’s world, one’s plans are highly affected by changes in schedule and other people’s influences. If you are a working person, your plans may change depending on your plans. Rescheduling a flight ticket you a common thing now – a – days. Many airlines offer their passengers the flexibility to change their flight or departure time at the convenience of sitting at their homes. In this blog, we will discuss the step-by-step guide by which you can reschedule your Spirit Airlines booking. We will as look at how you can change your Spirit flight for free. So stay tuned to the article for complete information.

There are three main methods by which you can change your booking. These are:

  • Spirit Airlines Manage Booking Online
  • By Calling Spirit Airlines Customer Care Number
  • At the Spirit Airlines Service Counter at the Airport

Spirit Airlines Manage Booking Online

For Spirit Airlines Manage Booking Online, all you need is a computer or a mobile phone with internet access and an internet browser. Now go to Spirit Airlines official website and click on the My Trip option. Now enter your journey specific details such as your last name and booking confirmation code. You can also log into your account using the email address or your Free Spirit ID and your password. Once you are logged in, choose the booking you want to alter and click on the reschedule option. You can also follow the on-screen instruction for a detailed process. This method also works with Spirit Airlines mobile app.

By Calling Spirit Airlines Customer Care Number

This is probably the easiest way to change your Spirit flight booking. To contact the airlines, call the Spirit Airlines Customer Care number. You can explain the reason for your rescheduling and the Spirit support team will change your booking. Please note that you will be charged a change fee for altering your booking with Spirit. If you made your Spirit Airlines reservation with FlySpiritt, you can directly call the Spirit Airlines Customer Support Number +1-888-678-0392 and ask for rescheduling. If you have a genuine reason for rescheduling, we may also waive your change fee and give you a full refund.

Rescheduling At the Spirit Airlines Service Counter at the Airport

Rescheduling your Spirit booking at the airport is another way to change your flight. This is also probably the most expensive way as the service counter at the airport charge you an additional $10 for using their service.

Charges for Rescheduling or Changing Your Flight

For every rescheduling of a flight, Spirit Airlines will charge you a change fee. This fee depends on your route and your flight distance. The more the distance, the more will be the fee. If you purchased your Spirit Airlines flight ticket within 24 hours, you can revise your booking with any additional change fee.

We hope you liked our post. For more information on the carrier, visit Spirit Airlines official website.

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