Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

Spirit Refund Policy

Spirit Airlines offer flight tickets at the lowest airfare. We ensure that our customers get the maximum value for their time and money with a user-friendly cancellation and refund policy. Passengers can apply for a refund only on refundable tickets and will get the same as per the terms and conditions of our refund policy.
A passenger can Change Flight Spirit Airlines Tickets based on the fare rule and cancellation timings. You can easily get refunds on tickets canceled within 24 hours of the booking for your flight scheduled to depart after seven days. For this, you would not require to pay any cancellation charge either.

How To Get Spirit Airline Ticket Refund As Credit Voucher for Future Flights Tickets

When you cancel your ticket within the initial 24 hours of your booking, you get the full ticket refund in the form of travel credit. If the ticket cancellation is done after 24 hours, you will get a refund minus the cancellation fee in the form of a credit shell for future use.
So, what are you waiting for? Realize your goal of traveling to your dream destination with Spirit Airlines and make your leisure or business travel most enjoyable with maximum savings.

How To Get a Full Refund from Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines offers all non-refundable tickets. However, passengers are entitled to get a full refund when they fulfill some conditions of Spirit Airlines’ refund terms.
Here is a checklist of some specific scenarios in which you can get the full refund from Spirit Airlines:

  • Canceling tickets within 24 hours of booking for flights scheduled to depart after a week
  • Canceling tickets for flights scheduled to depart a minimum of 60 days ahead
  • When Spirit Cancels Flights due to inclement weather, any technical reason, or other emergencies
  • Flights delayed by more than 2 hours
  • If your flight is rescheduled and the new flight is not suitable
  • Any special emergency circumstance such as the death of a passenger/immediate family member, jury duty, or serious illness (for which you need to produce documentary evidence agreed by Spirit Airlines)
Steps to Follow to Get a Refund from Spirit Airlines

Canceling your Spirit flight tickets and getting a refund is easy when you follow the proper steps to do so. Check out the steps:

  • First, visit the website and go to ‘My Trips’ section
  • Enter flight confirmation code and your last name
  • When you get your booking details, click on the Spirit cancellations button
  • Fill the refund request form after cancelation for getting a refund
  • Processing of refund may take 7-20 business days based on the payment mode

Feel free to contact an expert customer care representative for cancelation and refund requests on the Spirit Airlines Refund Number. You can even speak to a guest service agent at the local airport.